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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Rajab Ali Mansour 
Assieh Ale Ahmad
Rajab Ali Mansour, also known as Mansour al-Mulk was born in Tehran in 1895. He was graduated from the public school and he was hired in the foreign ministry in 1921. He was the manager of different parts of the foreign ministry such as trade branch's personnel, English Office, and also he assumed the office assistance and in 1936 he was appointed to the interior ministry.
At first, he was the interior ministry's assistant but then he got the president. In 1927, he was the governor of Azerbaijan province and in 1929, he was invited to the interior ministry to assume the ministry of Housing and Urban Development to recover the cabinet, when Mokhber al- Saltaneh Hedayat was the Prime Minister and till 1935, he remained in the same position both Zeka al- Mulk Foruqi and Mahmoud Jam governments.
On January 1935, he was removed the minister position due to the bribery crime and prosecuted. Eventually, Ali Mansour was acquitted but he was not appointed to any positionfor three years. During 1938 to 1940, he got the industries minister (Art and Craft) in Jam and Matin governments and On July 1940, he was appointed to the Prime Minister. When he was the Prime Minister, there were the World War II and the tensions between Iran and Allies but on August 1920, he resigned of the position, because the Allies entered Iran.
After August1941, he served as the governor of the Khorasan and Azerbaijan provinces and again in 1950, he was appointed to the Prime Minister but after a few times then he was removed and Sepahbod Razm Ara assumed this position and he was appointed as the ambassador of several countries such as Italy, Turkey and Vatican.
Rajab Ali Mansour died on December 1974 and Hassan Ali Mansour, his son, assumed the Prime Minister.

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