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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Conference on the Afghan Developments (within the recent century) 


In late 18th century, due to the outbreak of the French Revolution and the adoption of a new policy by this power regarding its presence in the East and broad activities of the British through the East India Company, and finally the prepared grounds for the Russian territorial expansionist policies, under the influence of the interests of the first three world powers, Iran unwillingly entered into the great diplomatic field. Following the murder of Nader Shah Afshar, due to its partial dominance over the country, the weak Zand dynasty did not succeed to establish relationships with the outer world. Without having adequate knowledge of the interests of the great powers, FathAli Shah Qajar tried to get the support of the British or the French to face the encroachings of the Russians. At the beginning, Iranians thought of the Finkenstein treaty as a storm which would sweep Russia. However, Gardane, the representative of the treaty had not arrived at Iran, that the treaty was modified by the Tilsit treaty which was just a soft and slight breeze.


Accordingly, due to the Russ o French coalition, we were captivated for a short while in the hands of the British who were fearful of the threats of this coalition for their empire. Iran survived the threats of Napoleon, but the British remained there to do whatever they wished with our country. They tightened the frontiers of the country and instigated various tribes and followers of various religions against each other and began to create artificial boundaries against natural ones. At the time when the nations found out the tricks of the great powers, it was too late for them to return to their status.


Due to the diversity of tribes, particular geographical characteristics and existence of various neighbors with certain economic, military, political and religious features, Afghanistan was always the center of attraction for the world powers. Since its independence from the British in 1919, the country has not experienced security and welfare because of the intrigues of the foreign powers. However, the Afghans have always resisted against the foreign powers. Their various wars with the British, fights against the military occupation of Russia, and today, the struggle against the Western forces have been parts of long term causes of the Afghan nation to regain their independence.

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