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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Pahlavi Family

Farzaneh Babai


Subsequent to the success of Islamic Revolution, some of Pahlavi family members published their memoirs creating an image of the events of Pahlavi period; they pretended to be innocent and accused the other family members of being disloyal to the nation. A look to these memoirs shows that they did not even observe the rules they had made. The Pahlavi Family members engaged in many dishonest practices including gambling, antiquities and drugs' smuggling and acted as brokers in many foreign and Iranian companies and received huge sums of money in financial contracts. The following records show their influence in the conclusion of lawless transactions. There are some reports of their dishonest financial practices in administrative organizations and companies. There were regulations limiting the family members from engaging in socio-political and economic and foreign relation affairs. Accordingly they were prohibited from any contract with foreign companies and accepting money.

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