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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  South Persian Rifles

Rozita Miri


South Persian Rifles was a military force founded by the British in the southern parts of Iran (Bushehr, Shiraz, Kerman, Fars, Bandar Abbas, Yazd and Kazerun) in 1916.


Formation of these forces was simultaneous with the inactive period of parliament between its third and fourth period. It is to be mentioned that during this period, various cabinets were formed in the country and at the time of Vossouqoddowleh, the south Persian rifles was at the height of its power.

General sir Percy Sykes entered Bandar Abbas with the intention of founding the South Persian Rifles. He became the commandant of these forces which included Iranian, Indian and British nationalities. The force was formed apparently for the purpose of saving the security in the southern parts of Iran. However, in fact if was formed for the purpose of saving the interests of the British during the First World War. South Persian rifles were faced with the strong opposition of the people because of its actiosn. It was dissolved in 1921.

A 799-114
The commandant of South Persian Rifles, Sir Percy Sykes and AbdolHossein Mirza Farmanfarm

Sir Percy Sykes and his sister outdoors of Mahan garden of Kerman

Kh. 1133-121
Mohammad Ebrahim Shokatolmolk Alam and Mohammad Vali Assadi in the company of some southern officers and some of the local dignitaries

The authorities of the south Persian rifles surveying a military plot

Some of Persian and British Officers in the Persepolis barracks

The Persian and the British officers of the South Persian Rifles

Some of the forces of the South Persian Rifles under some British commandants

Hassan Vossouqoddowleh, the prime minister and the minister of interior in the company of his cabinet members

One of the British authorities of the South Persian Rifles on a palanquin

The Prime minister, Hassan Pirnia (Moshiroddowleh), and some of his cabinet members

The prime minister, MohammadVali Khan Tonokaboni (Sepahsalar Azam)

The prime minister, Hassan Mostofi almamalek in the company of some courtiers in Dushan Tappe

The prime minister, Seyyed Ziaaddin Tabatabai, minister of court, Hassan Moshar and some of military authorities during 1921 coup

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