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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Rastakhiz Party

Mehdi Jangravi


Following the failure of governmental parties led by Assadollah Alam, and the nationalists led by Manuchehr Eqbal in attracting the nation towards the parties and the Shah regime, the Shah decided on the formation of a formal and comprehensive party. The Rastakhirz party began its activity on March 2nd 1975 with the Shah’s remarks and all existing parties were dissolved.  In his speech, King declared all people must become a member of the Rastakhiz party; otherwise they should leave the country. The king ordered all the politicians; workers and government employees should join the party. Parliament representatives who were members of other parties left their parties and joined the new party. According to the Shah in 1975, Factions in the party was more obvious, and it led to the formation of two factions: constructive (Sazandeh) led by Houshang Ansari and progressive (taraqqikhah) led by Jamshid Amuzegar.

The Project of Rastakhiz Party, which the King called it "comprehensive" were planned by Amuzegar’s faction who had a good grasp of the Shah’s wishes and mood. Amuzegar’s faction nourished from Dariush Homayoun’s thoughts and writings, and planned the party’s project as such that the Shah who was strengthening the basis of his ideology would be convinced that this was the only way to motivate the static and nonchalant atmosphere of the country. Accordingly shah left his slogans of “multi party system of government” and his condemning the “mono party dictatorial systems”.


During the party's political life, Amir Abbas Hoveyda was the Secretary-General for 20 months (since 3/2/1975 to 9/8/1976) and Ferieidun Mahdavi was the deputy secretary-General. After Hoveyda, simultaneous with the formation of the second congress of the party in November 1976, Jamshid Amuzegar became the secretary general, and MohammadReza Ameli Tehrani was selected acting secretary general. After his appointment as Prime Minister, in August 1977 the Secretary-General resigned from his office, and Mohammad Baheri deputy minister of court replaced him in the party, and Dariush Homayun became his deputy. During a meeting with members of the Politburo and the party's executive committee in a speech at the party on the fifth day of January 1977, the Shah remarked that “separation of party Secretary-General from his post of the prime minister was not expedient”, shortly after Jamshid Amuzegar became secretary-general for the second time. Javad Saeed became acting secretary general, and Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani and Mohammad Hossein Mussavi were appointed his deputies. It was not long before that Jamshid Amuzegar resigned of his office in the party’s session and Jawad Saeed replaced him. However, after five days he was forced to resign from his membership, and the party collapsed. According to the statuteof the party, it had five ranks including the “congress” as the highest rank, “central council", "Executive Board", "politbureau" and "Secretary General", as the other ranks of the party.

"Village Council", "district council”, "city council", "city council" and "County Council", were among the party councils.

Having 18 years of age was required for membership in the Party and those less than 18 years were affiliated to the party and the main center of the party was in Tehran.

[H 657-8975]
Amir Abbas Hoveyda First Secretary-General of the party

Fereidun Mahdavi acting secretary general of Rastakhiz Party when Amir Abbas Hoveyda was Secretary-General

[A 15-8858]
Houshang Ansari, leader of "constructive liberal" faction of the party during the resurrection of the Secretary-General Amir Abbas Hoveyda

Ahmad Quraishi Executive Board President of the Rastakhiz Party

Parviz Natel Khanlari Ratakhiz Party Politburo member

[9-115 A]
Jamshid Amuzegar second party secretary-general resurrection, in formal dress and the first order of Crown

[AA 134-115]
The second congress of Rastakhiz Party in Mohammad Reza Pahlavi stadium

[Z 443-115 g]
Jamshid Amuzegar, subsequent to his election as the Secretary-General of Rastakhiz Party in the second Congress in Mohammad Reza Pahlavi stadium (1976) 1. Jamshid Amuzegar, 2. Qasim Motamedi 3. Amir Abbas Hoveyda

[Z 280-112]
Jamshid Amuzegar, Rastakhiz Party Secretary-General subsequent to his election to the position, together with the second Congress party president Qasim Motamedi and Mahnaz Afkhami

[A 240-115]
Jamshid Amuzegarís speech after being elected as the party's secretary-general in the Congress party in the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1976) stadium

Asadullah Alam, Minister of the court, and his deputy Mohammad Bahery, Nosratollah Moiniyan, president of the Royal commission in the second Congress (1976) 1. Mohammad Bahery 2. Asadullah Alam 3. Nosratollah Moiniyan 4. Asadullah Nasr Esfahani 5. Yuseph Samadzadeh 6. AbdulAli Dehstany

[Z 439-115]
Asadullah Alam, minister of court delivering a speech in the second Congress of the Rastakhiz Party Stadium in Mohammad Reza Pahlavi stadium

[SH 635-4513]
Rastakhiz party conference and the speech of Jafar Sharif-Emami President of the Senate and some Senate members: 1. Jafar Sharif-Emami 2. Mohammad Saeedi 3. Jalaleddin Shademan 4. Ali Ashraf Ahmadi 5. Hasan Seraj Hejazi 6. Ebrahim Khvajehnuri

[H 60-133]

Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani Deputy Party Secretary-General of Rastakhiz party, Jamshid Amuzegar

[AA 79-134]
Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani , deputy secretary general in one of meetings of party centers. 1. Mohammad Reza Ameli Tehrani

[B 252-295]
Lecture of Mohammad Bahery, Deputy Minister of court in an extraordinary party congress of Rastakhiz party, after his being elected the party's Secretary-General (1977) 1.. Mohammad Bahery 2. 3 Asadullah Nasr Esfahani 3.. AmirQassem Moini, 4. Mahnaz Afkhami

[AA 4005-11]
Amir Abbas Hoveyda delivering speech in the extraordinary Congress of Rastakhiz party Presided by Qasim Motamedi (1976) 1 Amir Abbas Hoveyda 2. Shamsodin Mofidil. 3. Mohammad Hossein Mousavi 4. Habib Dadfar 5. Rahim Zehtab Fard 6. Assadullah Nasr Esfahani 7. Amir Qassem Moini 8. Mahnaz Afkhami 9. Mehrdad Pahlbod 10. Shojaaddin Sheikholisamzadeh 11. Morteza Salehi 12. Javad Said. 13. Mohammad Bahery 14. Qasim Motamedi 15. Jamshid Amuzegar

[H 200-643]
Daryoush Homayoun, acting Rastakhiz party secretary general, delivering speech among members gathered in the the party center in Sari (1976)

[H 154-643]
Daryoush Homayoun, acting Rastakhiz party secretary general, in a dialogue meeting with party members in Babol. (1976) 1. Daryoush Homayoun

Mahmoud Jafarian, Executive Board President of Rastakhiz Party when Jamshid Amuzegar was its Secretary-General

[R 3438-924]
Mohammad Hossein Moussavi, a member of national consultative parliament and deputy party when Jamshid Amuzegar was secretary general for the second time; left: Abdullah Riazi, Mohammad Hossein Moussavi

[AA 2833-4]
Right to left: Mehdi Semsar (editor in chief of Rastakhiz daily) along with SAVAK chief Gen. Timur Bakhtiar, Ismail Rain (Tehran Mossavar) in Mehrabad Airport (correspondent of Tehran Mossavar), Mehdi Semsar, Timur Bakhtiar and Movahhed (correspondent of Ettelaat daily)

[AA 2373-4]
Mahmoud Mehran, president of Rastakhiz Party center

[S 251-5593]
Jawad Saeed Last Party Secretary-General

[S 278-35762]
Dr. Adnan Mazaheri, leader "human resurrection of Iranian nation" (Rama) during speeches at Commodore Hotel, Tehran

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