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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari

Ibrahim Hadidi


When the coalition of different and even opposing forces were united to oust Najafqoli Khan Samsamaossaltaneh Bakhtiari, and appoint Vossouqoddowleh as prime minister, many people would have never thought that in Vosough's administration "Finance and army would be supervised by British teachers and commanders." Hermitage Smith and General Dickson were quite ready for Finance and army.

The aversion of people from Samsamossaltaneh was the main cause of many crises. Drought and famine ravaged the country treacherously, and left many people so destitute that U.S. Embassy would make dampokhtak (a simple dish) in poor neighborhoods. In such times of hardship, Ahmad Shah hoarded the government wheat in warehouses, to sell them in higher price, and to this feature of him, he became famous as "Ahmed Allaf" (Ahmed the corn seller).

The king had ordered him to resign: "You are not minister and your resistance against the Shah entails dire consequences." Samsam could not close his eyes to power, and give it up; he had not been tempted by wealth, he had much more than enough of that. But he was power hungry. He pointed, "I do not resign; you may remove me." Even long after Vossouq formed his government, he had stuck by his gun that, "I had not resigned from my office. This man who is the organizer of all this affarir is Prince Firuz Nosratoddowleh who is playing clandestinely. Despite all his naiveté, Najafqoli had found out the point. If Firuz Nosratoddowleh had not played his role, the 1919 contract, and the triangle of "Vossouqoddowleh, Nosratoddowleh, and Saremoddowleh would never come into existence.

The trap the British Embassy had laid for Iran was so offside that even Vossouqoddlowleh opposed to it.

Wish that we stay and see

To the end, what the intrigue will bear

What this polished and gifted man had done could not be carried out by that commoner and uneducated man with a stutter. Is it not true that one of the reasons to dismiss Samsamossaltaneh was his illiteracy? "Today, it is not expedient for our country to have a prime minister who is even unable to speak Persian language and only converses in Lori with insiders and outsiders.

Samsamossaltaneh's final role was his arbitration in the story of Colonel Muhammad Taqi Khan Pessian and Qavam. Samsamossaltaneh accepted Khorassan government. The colonel liked the presence of Samsamosssaltaneh, but due to "many considerations" refuse to go. Colonel's murder was not possible by Samsam sword and this last role remained to be played by him.

[AA 12]
Bakhtiari tribe leaders and their children in mid Qajar period. 1. Mohammad Hussein Bakhtiari (Sepahdar) 2. Esfandiar Bakhtiar (Sardar As'ad first) 3. Imamqoli Khan Ilkhani, 4. Najafqoli Khan Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari 5. Amirqoli Bakhtiari 6. Khosrow Ilkhan Zafar 7. Nasir Bakhtiari (Sardar War) 8. Sardar As'ad Jafarqoli, 9. Yuseph Mojahed Bakhtiari

[AA 5501]
Several leaders of Bakhtiari tribe in the late years of Nasseraddin Shah's reign, on the right: Mohammad Hussein Sepahdar, Esfandiar Bakhtiari, Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh, Jafarqoli Sardar As'ad

[AA 4636-1]
Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari in battle dress during Constitutional preiod

[AA 4909-1]
Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari in battle dress during the Constitutional movement

[AA 3974]
Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari

[TT 1319-124]
Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari Prime Minister during the Constitutional movement

[AA 3351-1]
Aboulqassem Nasserolmolk's departure to the National Consultative Assembly to accept the viceroyalty of Ahmad Shah Qajar at the presence of MohammadVali Khan Khalatbari (Prime Minister) and a group of Bakhtiari leaders and chiefs: 1. Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari 2. Sadeq Sadeq (Mostasharoddowleh) 3. Aboulqassem Nasserolmolk 4. Mohammadvali Khalatbari 5. Hassan Esfandiari (Mohtashamossaltaneh) 6. Nosratollah Amirazm 7. Aligholi Sardar As'ad 8. Yuseph Amirmojahed Bakhtiari 9. Nassir Bakhtiari (war commandar)

[AA 907-1]
Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari

[AA 55-2]
Ahmad Qavam, Hassan Vossouq, and some Bakhtiari leaders during constitutional period. 1. GholamHussein Bakhtiari (Sardar Mohtasham), 2. Najafqoli Samsamossaltaneh Bakhtiari, 3. Ahmad Qavam, 4. Hassan Vossouq, 5. Youssef Amir Mojahed Bakhtiari

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