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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Aminossoltan

Rozita Miri


One of the main figures of Qajar ministers, Mirza Ali Ashgar Khan Aminossoltan was born in Tehran, 1858-59. His father, Mirza Ebrahim Agha Aminossoltan was the minister of court and interior under Nasseraddin Shah. He was taught Persian language and literature and various sciences by tutors and became well learned in Persian prose and poetry. At his father’s time he was entitled “Saheb Jam”, curator, 1871, and then “Aminolmolk”. Upon his father’s death, all his responsibilities were transferred to him with the title of “Aminossoltan”, 1883. The young Aminossoltan helped Mirza Yussef Mostofialmamalek when he was the premier, and after his death, he became the prime minister to Nasseraddin Shah. He prepared the preliminaries for the Shah’s third visit to Europe, 1889, and played an important role in granting the concession of tobacco monopoly to Major Talbot. Though, it was faced with the opposition of the clergy and the nation and was cancelled. Aminossoltan gave various concessions to foreigners including the “Lottery contract”, “shipping concession on Karun”, establishment of the Imperial Bank” and “Mines”.


Aminossoltan played very tactfully on Nasseraddin Shah’s death, 1895_96, when it was happened in Abdolazim. He kept the Shah’s death as secret from others until the enthronement of Mozaffaraddin Mirza. He was still the prime minister under Mozaffaraddin Shah until 1896_97. However, he was removed from the office due to a web of political intrigues, and was replaced by Aminoddowleh. In 1899-1900 despite all financial problems, Mozaffaraddin Shah decided to embark on a journey to Europe, and as Aminoddowleh refused to make the provisions, he was removed and exiled to be replaced again by Aminossoltan who decided to fulfill the Shah’s wish for journey, and remained until 1903-4. He borrowed 22, 5 million gold Manats at 5% from the Russian loan bank. The incomes of customs except that of the Fars and the South customs were given as guarantee to the bank.


It was not long before that the Shah again expressed his wish for a second journey to Europe with the excuse of treatment. Again, this time Atabak Azam borrowed ten million gold manats from the Russian loan bank and granted the Jolfa_Qazvin railroad concession instead to the Russians. On his return, Mozaffaraddin Shah was faced with protests against Aminossoltan’s ways of administration and some problems including the financial problems, grant of various concessions to foreigners, arrears in the payment of salaries, and ordered to remove Atabak Azam for the second time and Einoddowleh again took his position in his hands. Atabak Azam embarked on long journeys all over the world, went to Mecca as a pilgrim, and then returned to Europe. Shortly after Mozaffaraddin Shah’s death and Mohammad Ali Shah’s coming to power, he returned to Iran and became prime minister for the third time. It was not before four months that he was shot by Abbas Agha Sarraf Tabrizi who committed suicide on being captured. His body was sent to Qom and was buried at his family cemetery.

Mohammad Ebrahim Aminossoltan, Ali Asghar Atabak’s father

Ali Asghar Khan Aminossoltan

Ali Asghar Khan Aminossoltan, the prime minister

Abdollah and Mohsen Atabaki, Atabak Azam’s sons in the company of their Russian tutor, Yuanich.

Esmail Aminolmolk, Atabak Azam’s brother

Mohammad Qassem Vakilossaltaneh (Atabak’s brother) in the company of some Bakhtiari chiefs and dignitaries, standing from right: Aliqoli Sardar As’ad, Mohammad Hossein Sepahadar, Khosrow Ilkhan ZafarBakhtiar, Sardar Ashja and Sardar Mohtasham, sitting from right: Rezaqoli Ilbiegui Bakhtiari, Hosseinqoli Ilkhani Bakhtiari, Mohammad Qassem Vakiloddowleh, and Esfandyar Bakhtiar

Nasseraddin Shah and some dignitaries and courtiers including: 1. Nosratoddin Mirza Salarossaltaneh, 2. Abdolvahab Khan Nezamolmoll, 3. AboulHassan Fakhrolmolk, 4. Kamran Mirza Nayebossaltaneh, 5. Nasseraddin Shah Qajar, 6. Akbar Sardar Nasser (Seifossoltan), 7. Ali Ashgar Aminossoltan, 8. Mahdiqoli Majdodowleh, 9. Fazlollah Bashirolmolk


Ali Asghar Atabak Azam, Mozaffaraddin Shah’s prime minister

Mozzaffaraddin Shah Qajar and Ali Asghar Atabak Azam

AliAsghar Aminossoltan, Mozzaffaraddin Shah’s prime minister when exiled to Qom

Ali Asghar Atabak Azam, and the company of Mozzaffaraddin Shah in a banquet in Russia, 1. Mahmud Hakimolmolk, 2. AliAsghar Atabak Azam, 3. Ali Zahiroddowleh, 4. Nezammaddin Mohandessolmamlek Qaffari

Mozaffaraddin Shah Qajar on his visit to Europe, in Russia, 1. Mozaffaraddin Shah, 2. AliAsghar Atabak Azam, 3. Mahmud Hakimolmolk, 4. Nikolas II, the Russian emperor, 5. Aboulqassem Nasserolmolk

Mozzaffaraddin Shah and the company on his second visit to Europe in Contrqasville in France: 1. Aboulqassem Nasserolmolk, 2. Hassan Pirnia (Moshirolmolk), 3. Mahmud Hakimolmok, 4. Nazaragha Yaminossaltaneh, 5. Mozaffaraddin Shah Qajar, 6. Malkom Khan Nazemoddowleh, 7. AliAsghar Atabak Azam, 8. Mahmud Diba, 9. Hossein Pash Amir Bahador Jang

AliAsghar Atabak Azam, and Mozzaffarddin Shah’s company on their return from their second visit from Europe, on their sojourn in Baku in 1 320, 1. Akbar Sardar Nasser (Seifossoltan) 2. Hassan Pirnia, 3. Mahmud Hakimolmolk, 4. Ali Asghar Atabak Azam, 5. Fazlollah Vakilolmolk, 6. Khalil Saqafi (Aalamoddowleh)

AliAsghar Atabak Azam on removal from his office in Turkey: 1. AliAsghar Atabak Azam, 2. Reza Arfa, 3. Mahdiqoli Hedayat

AliAsghar Atabak Azam on his journey all over the world, in Japan, 1. Ahmad Atabaki (Atabak Azam’s son), 2. AliAsghar Atabak Azam, 3. Mahdiqoli Hedayat (Mokhberossaltaneh)

AliAsghar Atabak Azam on his journeys all over the world, in Jerusalem, 1. AliAsghar Atabak Azam, 2. Mahdiqoli Hedayat

AliAsghar Atabak Azam on Ehram garment of pilgrimage to Mecca: 1. Atabak Azam, 2. Mahdiqoli Hedayat

Abbas Agha Haji Mohammadzadeh Tabrizi, Atabak’s murderer

The northern façade of Atabak Azam’s house in Atabak park

The façade of Atabak Azam’s house (now the Russian Embassy)

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