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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  The Islamic Revolution of Iran

Ibrahim Hadidi


When you look at the pictures of those days, the photos speak themselves, as they are revealing moments quite different with other ones. Photographing is the hunt of moments. At times hunter goes for the prey and at times he becomes prey to the hunt himself. And it depends on the moment he is going to capture, a dense moment which is as valuable as a piece of history.


Photography is an art, and photographer views the world with such perspective. When the subject of art is human, the distances disappear. Not only had the Iranians devoted their heart to this task, the American and the European photographers too were playing parts. Gabriel de Gaul, the French photographer was wounded and Alex Maurice lost his life.


When the Generals were holding urgent meetings in Lavizan garrison to carry a coup, they never thought of having only one day to put an end their career. Lieutenant General Badrei never thought that there will come a day that he is entrapped by people in Tehran streets. 


The nightmare began when the generals took the city streets instead of war fronts and the people instead of enemy.


Looking at those photos brings the smell of bullets and flowers.

AA 2845-7
The crossing of vans carrying the officers of martial law on Shahreza Street

AA 1197-8
Deployment of officers of martial law across from the University of Tehran in the studentsí day

AA 2813-7
Putting on fire of police water canon in Tupkhaneh square

AA 3146-7
The joy of the nation on Mohammad Reza Shahís leaving Iran

AA 2836-7
The announcement of solidarity of the armed forces with the nation

AA 3145-7
Imam Khomeini delivering speech in Behesht Zahra cemetery in Tehran on his arrival day to Iran, standing on the right: Mohammad Mofatteh, Imam Khomeini, Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri, Mohammad Reza Taleqani

AA 2869-7
Seizure of personnel carrier by the revolutionaries on 10th and 11th of Februray 1978

AA 3148-7
Revolutionaries stopping the military tank carrying AbdolAli Badrei (the commandant of Guard javidan) on Feb. 11th 1978 in Fuzieh Square of Te

AA 2834-7
Revolutionaries capturing the Eshratabad garrison on Feb.11th 1978

Imam Khomeini among the gathering of people at the threshold of the success of the Islamic revolution at Refah School at Iran Street of Tehran

AA 2933-7
Imam Khomeiniís attending the gathering of people on post revolution days

AA 280-7
Setting of barricades on Tehran streets during the revolution days

AA 3065-7
Confirmation of Mehdi Bazarganís prime minister ship by Imam Khomeini, Hojattoleslam Rafsanjani being present at the ceremony

M 61-418
A polling station for voters for casting their ballots in the referendum for the Islamic republic

M 7-418
Amir Abbas Hoveida's trial in Islamic revolutionary court

M 22-418
The trial of Tehrani and other agents of torturing the prisoners in the Islamic revolutionary court

AA 2989-7
Throwing down of Mohammad Reza Pahlaviís statute at the site of governmental organization

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