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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  2500 Anniversary of Iranian Empire

Ebrahim Hadidi


The rise of a strong tendency towards ancient Iran in the 19th century and its encouragement had close links with imperialist objectives of the British in Iran. To justify their presence and dominance over Iran, the British policy makers expanded the waves of this new trend and concentrated on the historical studies and forgot about the 4000 years before the Achaemenids and the 14 centuries of Islamic period.


The people engaged in the holding of these feasts were delicately dedicated to the causes of Zionism, and instead of the Medes, they readily related the imperial foundation to Cyrus who is considered the promised messiah in Judaism. In this regard 2500 anniversary of the liberation of the Jewish had been celebrated in 1961 in Israel and the third congress of the Jewish was held to express gratitude to Cyrus, and the Israeli composers wrote a piece  which was played in these celebrations.


The Arian thought and belief in a powerful king and an autocrat reformist was a principle of Pahlavi ideology and some people including Mohammad Ali Forughi promoted it.


Eventually, in the October 1971 Mohammad Reza Shah's dreams were realized and one of the greatest and most expensive celebrations of the contemporary history of world was held in Persopolis near Shiraz. All the facilities from the building to the furniture and the foods were brought from foreign countries. Twenty four Arab kings, five queens, twenty one princes, sixteen presidents, three prime ministers, four vice presidents, and two ministers of foreign affairs from sixty nine countries of the world and many leading figures of world scientific, artistic and cultural circles and correspondents of the world press participated in this celebrations.

AA 1-2126
The mausoleum of Cyrus Achaemenid in late Qajars in Passargad near Shiraz

A general view of the remainders of Persopolis during the holding of the anniversary

AA 11-1702
GholamReza Pahlavi and his wife visiting the model of the anniversary location: 2. Bahman Pahlavi, 4. GholamReza Pahlavi, 5. Manizheh Jahanabani, 6. Mohsen Forughi, 7. Amir Mottaqi

AA 11-996
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi standing by the historical remainders of the Perspolis near Shiraz

SH 133-20
The members of the 2500 anniversary council in a meeting presided by Javad Bushehri, from right: Bagher Pirnia, GHolamAli Oveissi, Javad Bushehri, Hassan Zahedi, Mehdi Sheibani, and Ziaaddin Shademan

H 139-364
The ceremony held by the Jewish community affiliated to Israel in the honor of Cyrus the great

H 139-365 Ceremony in the honor of Cyrus held by the Jewish community affiliated to Israel

gg 114-55
Restoration of Ester's grave by Iran Jewish council in Hamedan

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi giving a speech at the banquet held at the 2500 anniversary with his foreign guests: 1. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, 2. GholamAli Seif Nasseri, 3. Hormoz Gharib, 4. Nicholay Padgurni, 5. Bodouin, 6. Constantin Caramanlis, 7. Queen Ingrid of Denmark

P 128-74614
Farah Pahlavi and some of the guests participating in the 2500 imperial anniversary; Malek Hossein is seen in the picture

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and some of his guests, from right " 1. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, 3. Judit Sonay (the Turkish President) 5. Nicholay Padgorni (head of the administrative body of the Sovier Union)

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and some guests at the banquet of the 2500 anniversary: 1. Judit Sunay (the Turkish prime minister), 2. Joseph Bruz Titus (the president of Yugoslavia)

Ardeshir Zahedi and some of the foreign guests

The moving war tower of Acheamenid period carried by sixteen oxes

Procession of the Achaemenid two horse driven carts across from the pavilion

Procession of Qajar infantry across from the pavilion

Procession of infantry of Sasanid period holding Kaveh's banner across from the pavilion

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