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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Ayatollah Seyyed AboulQassem Kashani

Ebrahim Hadidi


Son of Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa Kashani (who was killed by the British), Ayatollah seyyed AboulQassem Kashani was an ardent opponent of the British dominance in Iran. He was one of the active Najaf clergies in their war against the British and its support of the Zionist expansion.


The Tudeis hated Mossaddeq because in his opposition to the British, he believed in dependence on the people in domestic policy and keeping closer to the Americans in foreign policy. The Tudeis hated Ayatollah Kashani as much because he was the most religious political leader.


The Tude party's viewpoint about religion was clear: its national wisdom defective, narrow-minded, weak logic, stammering tongue, its tears streamed, its cuisine smoke filled, its bed comfortable, its palace high, its money countless and its tricks endless.


Mossaddeq and Kashani's union marked the rise of movement, their separation had an undeniable role in the fall of it.

Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani

AA 8-210
Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani

AA 4-754
Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani

AA 1-6843
The swearing-in ceremony of Reza Pahlavi in the Majlis: 1. Seyyed AboulQassem Kashani, 2. AbdolHossein Mirza Farmanfarma, 3. Mahmud Jam, 4. JafarQoli Sardar Asad Bakhtiari

AA 8-208
Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani deliver in a speech

TT 124-1598
Performing Eid Fetr prayers led by Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani in Amjadieh, 1950

AA 8-218
Ayatollah Kashani in his pilgrimage to Mecca: 1. Shams Qanatabadi, 2. AboulQassem Kashani, 3. Mostafa Kashani, 4. Mahmud Shervin

AA 8-221
Ayatollh AboulQassem Kashani's visit Rashid Beizun, the Shiite leader in Lebanon in Beirut: 1. Rashid Beizun, 2. AboulQassem Kashani, 3. AboulQassem Purvali (Iranian ambassador to Lebanon), 4. Shams–addin Qanatabadi, 5. AyatollahZadeh Esfahani, 6. Mahmud Shervin

AA 8-209
Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani, talking to Mojtaba, Navvab Safavi, from right: 2. Hamid Khalili, 4. Mojtaba Navvab Safavi, 5. Ayatollah Navvab Safavi, 5. Ayatollah aboulQassem Kashani, 7. Ayatollah Khalili

AA 8-212
Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani's meeting with the leaders of tribes: 1. Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani, 2. Mahmud Shervin

AA 4-1452
Baqer Kazemi (deputy prime minister)'s meeting with AboulQassem Kashani

AA 4-1511
Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani's meeting with Mohammad Mossadeq (prime minister), from right: 1. Mohammad Mossadeq, 2. AboulQassem Kashani, 3. Ahmad Razavi, 4. Hossein Fatemi

AA 4-3739
Louis Henderson (American ambassador)'s meeting with Ayatollah Kashani

AA 7-2257
The American subject, Jordan (founder of Alborz school)'s meeting with Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani

AA 4-124
Comte dela Zonka (managing director of Italian firm, Epim) in his visit to Iran to purchase oil, and meeting with Ayatollah Kashani, from right: 1. AboulQassem Kashani, 2. Dela Zonka

AA 4-4482
1. Azizollah Kamal (chief of police), 2. AboulQassem Kashani, 3. brigadier general Nakhai

AA 4-1496
Ayatollah Kashani's press interview: 1. AboulQassem Kashani, 2. Shamsaddin Qanatabbadi, 3. Mostafa Kashani

AA 8-198
Ayatollah Kashani's press interview: 1. Abbas Khalili, 2. AboulQassem kashani, 3. Mahmud Shervin

AA 139-137
Ebrahim Kashani (minister of commerce) and some merchants of the Jewish society of Tehran visiting Ayatollah Kashani at his sickness bed, 1956: 1. Ebrahim Kashani, 2. Habib Elqanian, 3. AboulQassem Kashani, 4. Shams-addin Qanatabadi, 5. Lotfollah Hay

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