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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  Conference on the Political Affairs of Azerbaijan (1941-1946) 


A review of Iran’s pre and post Islamic history reveals the great role played by the Azerbaijanis in safeguarding Iran and its integrity. The outcome of foundation of Safavid dynasty by Shah Esmail Safavi in the heart of Azerbaijan and the support given to him and his sons by the people of the region was but the source of pride for the religion and nation against the foreign enemies.


Azerbaijanis’ continued support of the country were quite clear in the Russ o Iran wars and later in events related to constitutionalism. Shortly after Iran’s constitutional movement and the change of Aran to Azerbaijan - through previous arrangements - the problems began to arise in the two sides of the boundaries in elite and press circles.


Upon the Soviet invasion of Iran in August 24th 1941, and the occupation of 200,000 square meters of Iran’s territory by this power, Iran lost any power of resistance against the invaders.


With regard to the Soviet fight against Germany in the western front, the British and the United States were concerned not to cause inconvenience for the Russians. Accordingly, the unrivalled presence of the Soviets in the political scene of Iran was not disturbed. Meanwhile, Stalin tried to apply the pressures of his affiliated agents including Tudeh Party members to get the north oil concession. Following the resistance of Majlis and the failure of the Soviets, Mir Jafar Bagherof, the president of Azerbaijan republic decided to found the Azerbaijan Democratic party with the approval of Stalin, and the Tudeh Party was merged in the Democratic party in Azerbaijan and other Turkish Speaking regions.

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