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the foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period

The foundation of political philosophy in Iran-constitutional period


Iranian Contemporary History No. 60


History Hall


  National Conference on Javad Khan Ganjei, Iranian Frontier Guard in Caucasus 


Upon the rise of Romanovs in Russia, particularly since the reign of Peter the Great, all grounds were prepared for Russia’s territorial expansionist policy. The fall of Safavids by the Gholzai and Ebdali Afghans got the Russians to try to realize their wishes. When TahmasbQoli Khan took the power in his hands and following the Ottomans’ heavy defeat, the evacuation of 100000 Russian troops from Guilan and Mazandaran was arranged according to Ganja and Rasht treaties.


Employing his military genius, Nader created a powerful Iran with territorial integrity. However, the long wars of attrition weakened Iran’s economy and perished many young adults, the affliction of which befell on the society after Nader’s death. Lassitude and languor of the Zand dynasty put Iran at the threshold of partition.


During his short reign, Agha Mohammad Khan succeeded to revive Iran’s frontier. However, Catherin, the Great was informed of the Qajar Khan’s presence in Caucasus and sent Valerian Zubov to the region on the head of 60000 men. In his second assignment to Caucasus, Agha Mohammad Khan occupied Shushi fortifications and expelled Ibrahim Khan Javanshir to Jarobalkan. But, after a month the Qajar Khan was murdered in Shushi fortifications.

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